Strictly Business: Carol's Daughter Founder Lisa Price | Body and Soul

Strictly Business: Carol's Daughter Founder Lisa Price | Body and Soul

Published August 28, 2009

If you’re a true fan of Carol’s Daughter, you will remember when it was just an underground beauty secret housed in little, eclectic urban shops. Just a few short years later and those craving an Almond Cookie Soufflé fix could walk into their local department store or Sephora, and buy away. Alas, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! Carol’s Daughter’s signature stores are beginning to pop up all over the nation and it looks like our favorite brand is now full grown and fabulous. We caught up with creator, Lisa Price, during one of her first milestones as she opened her shop in Atlanta’s Lenox Square Mall.

How does it feel having Carol’s Daughter stores opening in so many major metropolitan cities?

Lisa Price:
It’s amazing. It’s still surreal. Every time I see a new installation in a department store, or a new store, I get excited!

What words do you have for your longtime customers who are afraid that Carol’s Daughter will lose its earthy, natural qualities now that it's being mass produced?

Lisa Price:
There’s nothing to be afraid of. There are some things that have changed to make the product work better, and to make them safe to sit on the shelves. It’s not being made in teeny tiny batches in my kitchen anymore. In actuality, the quality of the product is better because in this mass-produced way, there’s more consistency and you get the exact same thing each time. So, don’t be afraid!

Having partnered with the likes of Will, Jada and Mary J. Blige, is the overwhelming celebrity support something that you ever expected?

Lisa Price:
No, not at all. I’m very appreciative and very humble. I know how valuable it is and I’m still surprised when I hear someone say, ‘Oh, I love Carol’s Daughter.’ I’m like, ‘Really, you do?’

Did the celebs reach out to you?

Lisa Price:
One day I received a call from a hairdresser who said that he was working with Will Smith. He said, ‘He’s working on this movie about Muhammad Ali and he’s been wearing an afro. I’ve been styling his hair with some of your products. Is there anything that you have that we don’t already have?’ I ran down the list to him and as he’s taking notes he yells, ‘Yo, Will, she says she has some butter with frankincense in it and she’s got this other stuff.’ I hear this voice in the background that says, ‘Yeah, Jada has all of that already.’ I said to myself, ‘That was Will Smith!’ I don’t even know what the man said to me after that. I had to bring myself back to earth. Jada actually found out about the products through DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Are you unveiling any new products for the fall/winter season?

Lisa Price:
We’re working on new hair care products that are going to launch next year. We’re making improvements to products that already exist by adding ingredients to make them color-safe and suitable for relaxed hair. We’re opening up the range so that someone who does have relaxed hair feels comfortable buying our products. A lot of people think that they can’t use it. They think that it’s just for natural hair. We want to change that perception.

Of course everyone wants to know what you personally use every day from your line.

Lisa Price: Every day, I use the Hair Milk. I lightly dampen my hair in the shower and use it to revive my curls, which flatten at night. My fragrances change a lot. I’m loving Mary J. Blige’s fragrance, which won’t launch until next year. I love to wear the Pearl fragrance also. My favorite moisturizer is the soufflé, which of course comes in different scents. My favorite scrub is the brown sugar scrub.

Where will Carol’s Daughter be 10 years from now?

Lisa Price:
  Still here and still relevant.


Written by Kimberly Walker


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