Checkin’ My Fresh: Rocawear Gets a Glam Preview by Honey Magazine | Style

Checkin’ My Fresh: Rocawear Gets a Glam Preview by Honey Magazine | Style

Published December 10, 2009

For its 10th anniversary, Rocawear has been reinvented and revived. If you thought it was just an urban brand with segmented appeal, think again. Honey Magazine partnered with the refashioned line last Friday to host a showcase entitled “GlamRoc,” at Atlanta’s luxurious Glam Bar salon. Owner Sabrina Peterson allowed us to intrude on her makeup session to tell us why the Glam Bar, tucked away in ATL’s eclectic Castleberry Hills, is not just a salon. “It’s a place where people can actually get together in a positive environment. We don’t follow the gossip blogs. We have very few magazines here; we only offer self help books. Our environment is empowering. Hair salons, especially Black salons, have such a bad stigma. That’s not what it’s like at the Glam Bar. We have an immaculate team here.”

When asked why The Glam Bar was chosen for this specific event, Sabrina batted her eyelashes and girlishly responded, “It’s the Glam Bar. Why wouldn’t it?”

After jetting to the Minx nail table to get a complimentary Minx design (Honey Mag throws a good party), we then spotted Honey’s editor in chief, Shanel Odum, rocking a sexy little number with her freshly buzzed cut a la Rihanna. Fashion editor, Charles Wade, soon followed and gave us the goods on the new Honey, and Rocawear’s facelift. “What Honey strives to be is now and next,” said Wade. “We’re next because we want to show people this brand that they’ve always known is evolving. In many ways, Rocawear is next because they have the brand ability and awareness, but people don’t realize what they’re doing to elevate their collections.”

Wade also weighed in on Rocawear’s evolution after 10 years. “I would say that Rocawear was very much what Jay-Z was then. Rocawear is becoming much more what Jay-Z is now.  There’s a sleekness to it. There’s a maturity to it. There’s a luxury element to it. They’ve recognized that their customer is grown up and savvy. This season, Rocawear is presenting pieces that are on trends and at a great price point, but you’re not going to look quite like everyone else.”

Although every guest was dressed to perfection, there were several ladies strutting about the event practically taunting us with their delectable threads. They were later exposed as Rocawear models that were wearing the new ‘fits for fall. Even rapper Teyana Taylor exclaimed, “I just tried to steal like two of the jackets! I love the new line. It’s the 10th anniversary. I really didn’t expect that from Rocawear, so I love it.”

Other celebrity guests, like girl group Richgirl, loved the designs as well. “I just asked one of the girls where she got her dress from,” said group member Brave. “I thought that she was trying to keep a secret until the models lined up and I saw that it was from Rocawear. It was hot! It really seems like they’re stepping out of their boundaries from what we’re used to seeing. They’re totally stepping their game up.”

Well done, Mr. Carter. Well done.


Written by Kimberly Walker


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