16 Healthy Resolutions You Can Keep | Body and Soul

16 Healthy Resolutions You Can Keep | Body and Soul

Published January 8, 2010

1. On the Go - If you have to zip through the drive-in, go for the healthier menu options rather than the double burger patties.

2. Spa - Treat yourself when Spring rolls around to a good facial and turn that dead winter skin into dewy fabulousness.

3. Happy Feet - Give your soles a rest this year and rotate those heels for comfier flats every few days.

4. More FFF - Family, friends and fun equal stress reducer! Commit to spending more time having fun with the people you love.

5. Unusual Workouts - Get in your cardio anytime… take the stairs whenever you can and park near the back of the lot on occasion.

6. Morning Fuel - Even if you’re not a breakfast person, commit to starting your day off with something, even if it’s just crackers and juice.

7. Pack Rat – Tote your own snacks!  Keep some fruit, nuts or string cheese handy, so that you’re not tempted to raid vending machines.  

8. Protection – Resolve to put on sun block and rock your stunner shades when you’re out and about this summer. You’ll be glad in the long run!

9. Downsize –Many cut back spending in 2009, now do the same with meals.  Reduce your portion sizes to feel better & possibly lose weight.

10. Heart Healthy – All oils aren’t bad. Cook with healthier oils like canola or extra virgin olive oil in the New Year.

11. De-clutter – Get organized and have a healthier, clearer mind.  Toss out the junk in your home, car or purse and reduce the chaos in your mind.

12. Pop Pills – Vow to stick to your vitamin regimen in 2010 so you’ll have the energy to accomplish all your goals.

13. Look Your Best – It’s no secret…when you look good you feel good! Resolve to put your best face forward to the world each day.

14. Journal – Invest in your emotional health; chronicle your thoughts and feelings this year and keep a journal.

15. Mirror Jam – When you can’t make it to the gym, blast your favorite tunes and rock out ‘til you pass out! You might just invent some new moves.

16. Doctor Feel Good – Be proactive. Manage your health this year by making and keeping all your doctor and dentist appointments.


Written by Kenia Prophet


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