How to Winter Proof Your Hair | Style

How to Winter Proof Your Hair | Style

Published January 26, 2010

When old man winter blows into town, things tend to dry up and die. The freezing temperatures strip moisture from the air and our hair. Take the proper precautions to ensure that your hair doesn’t suffer during these freezing cold months.

Use these winter hair care tips to save your hair from unnecessary breakage.

• It’s extremely important to replenish your hair’s moisture especially during the winter months. Whether you have natural tresses or relaxed hair, maintaining your hair’s healthy glow is dependent upon keeping it hydrated. Deep condition your hair more often and toss in a hot oil treatment monthly. Both are great for penetrating moisture back into the hair.

Stay away from using harsh shampoos. Today there are several mild moisturizing shampoos designed to help preserve the hair’s natural moisture or even replenish it. In the old days, a wise tale instructed women not to wash their hair as an attempt avoid stripping away its natural oils. Scrap that theory! Clean hair is definitely recommended for more reasons one. 

Avoid putting too much stress on your hair during this fragile time. With the help of your moisturizing treatments, try to hold off an extra week or two between chemical relaxers. Reduce the amount of heat used by roller setting the hair instead of using the flat iron and curlers too often.

• The same fabrics that keep you warm and toasty, as you brave the elements, may also be causing your hair to break or shed. Yes, your favorite wool coat could be the silent killer that has caused the back of your hair to thin. Wear a scarf to protect your hair from the friction generated as you move your head back and forth. Also, use precaution when wearing wool sweaters and hats. Be on alert for any harsh fabrics that come in contact with your hair.

Don’t let winter suck the life out of your hair. Drastic weather calls for drastic measures. Kick your hair care regimen into high gear.

Written by Kenia Prophet


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