Pleasure Principles: Zane’s Top Five Sex Tips | Body and Soul

Pleasure Principles: Zane’s Top Five Sex Tips | Body and Soul

Published February 17, 2010

We’ve tapped the queen of Black erotica for her most coveted sex tips. Zane, author of your favorite steamy novels such as "The Sex Chronicles" and "Addicted," shares her answers to five questions that will definitely put the spark back in your bedroom - with or without a partner.

As a female, what’s the best way to achieve an orgasm by yourself?

Zane: Vibrators never fail and I’ll tell you why: Most women can achieve greater orgasms from clitoral stimulation than vaginal stimulation. That’s why a lot of women have trouble achieving orgasms during regular intercourse. In the actual act, she needs to get on top. A lot of women feel uncomfortable when they’re in control. With many men it’s just ‘bang, bang, bang, bang,’ because they don’t know anything about our bodies. If we get on top instead of always being in missionary [position], we can control our own climax as well.

If he’s not working with much, what’s the best position to try? 

Zane: I would suggest that she lies on her stomach and he lifts up her legs a little from behind, and enters in that way. That position tends to allow him to go deeper.

In your opinion what’s the best, most pleasing toy on the market?

Zane: Try a vibrator with a swirling tip. The Seahorse is really good. It twirls and touches your G-spot. In the streets, you can actually have a remote control Bullet. You can wear it inside of you while you’re running errands. For men, something that would help them stay harder longer is a cock ring. They help men maintain their erections longer.

For guys, what’s your best tip concerning oral sex?

Zane: Do not be rough! Focus on clitoral stimulation, but be tender. Do not bite her! (she laughs) ‘Ramming your tongue’ really does nothing. Just make sure to hit that one spot [clitoris] the right way.

What’s your ultimate #1 sex tip?

Zane: Use a breath mint while performing oral sex. The heat really intensifies the feeling. I suggest using Altoids.

Written by Kimberly Walker


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