My New Crush | Ray J Exclusive Interview | Style

My New Crush | Ray J Exclusive Interview | Style

Published April 30, 2010

Ray J is a celebrity all on his own, just for being Ray J. Call him “Brandy’s brother” if you want, but Ray J is known the world over as the star of a salacious sex tape, and for his witty antics, good looks, and keep-it-all-the-way-100 personality.

Ray’s fame has earned him titles like Reality TV Star, Executive Producer and most fitting for right now – R&B’s Most Eligible Bachelor.

Ladies, pay attention. Ray gives the goods on what he does and does not want in a woman.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done?

A fan once, well not once, a few times…they try to stick their hands in your pants. You know, right down in the middle and grab it. C’mon, that’s a crime. You don’t need to be all up in there. I don’t condone it. I think everybody should keep their hands to their self, unless you’re offered an entry. You feel me.

What else turns you off?

Take a dump right when we first meet. It’s like, “Let’s grow together first, baby. Let’s at least get to know each other and go out a couple times and be friends. Don’t go into the bathroom and take a dump, and when I go in there to take a leak, it’s like, “God damn!” I’m not with that.

If she’s interested, how should she approach you?

I would want her to give me the eyes. That’s all I really need. I don’t need no supa approach, unless she’s supa fine. If she’s supa fine, then it’s like, “Me? Forreal…Oh, oh, okay. I’ll give you my number then.” But if she just give me the eye, that gives me the leeway to go get it! I need some kind of eye contact.

Describe your ideal woman.

My ideal woman is a wholesome girl who’s not on TV. Maybe just likes to go to school or likes to work a regular job and she’s getting some cool money. Just a focused chick, not too flashy, on the red carpet trying to meet everybody type… Just a regular chick from around the way…

And secretly, I like the nice, chunkier girl and not just with the big booty, but nice and big everywhere. And I’m keeping it all the way real! I’m cool with the girls that are super in shape, but I prefer them chunkier.

So, you're single.

Look, if a woman feels she’s chunky and wants to get with me, feel free. It’s all good. And if you want to hide a little bit, okay, but I’m gonna find it later. I like something to grab on to. Please believe it.


Hit him up at or on his twitter @rayj!

Written by Kadidja Hinds


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