Interview With Keke Palmer | My Life, My Style, My Thing

Interview With Keke Palmer | My Life, My Style, My Thing

Published May 14, 2010

Keke Palmer has a lot to smile about. Maybe it’s because her award-winning acting talent has been buzzing ever since her star role in “Akeelah and the Bee.” Or her recent success on her own television series on Nickelodeon titled “True Jackson, VP.” But it’s more likely that the 15-year-old actress (and singer!) is just cheesing about turning 16 in August – the age when she’s officially allowed to date boys.

Are you really 15? We know Hollywood stars lie about their age.

I wouldn’t lie about that! I would have a boyfriend if I was 16. I can’t wait to be 16! I’m counting down the days. People always think I’m lying, but I’m not. It’s not an acting age. I’m not joking.

How’s living in Hollywood treating you?

It can be hard, and I think it’s harder when you get older. Everywhere you turn someone is in your business. They try to get so involved that it can get kind of annoying. I really try to hold on to the things that are normal and outside of that world.

When life gets crazy for you, how do you deal with the pressure?

I love being in the studio. Expressing myself that way is really cool. I hang out with my girls and I have a dog. We have fun.

I work out. I’m getting toned, too. The Wii Fit really works your body. When I get off I’m dying. I do the hula hoop thing.

You’re not only an amazing actress, but you’re an amazing singer, too. Do you have a preference?

It’s a toss up. At different times I love one more than the other. It’s pretty much the same.

Can you dance?

Yea, I can dance. I like hip hop and stuff and jazz movements, but I’m horrible in ballet. I tried.

You were named the “#8 Most Valuable Young Star In Hollywood,” by Forbes magazine. Does that mean you’re really, really rich?

[Laughs] It means I’ve been working a lot and really hard lately, and I’m most valuable because my show “True Jackson, VP” is doing great! I have a really good fan base.

Yes, congrats on your show! You’re living every girl’s dream playing VP of a major fashion label.

It’s pretty cool. I work really hard and I’m really proud of myself.

How would you best describe your style?

My favorite store is Urban Outfitters and my favorite designers are Balmain, Brian Reyes and J Brand jeans. I think I’m a mix between preppy and edgy, but more edgy.

What do you feel most comfortable in?

My J Brand jeans are so comfy and loose. I have a rock and roll-ish type that I wear with a v-neck and a fedora. It’s a really cute outfit.

That’s hot. Some girls don’t think they can pull off a fedora.

It’s all about the attitude you have. You can’t just give any kind of walk. Someone will be like, “She’s laaaame…” You have to walk around like, “Yea, I have on a fedora and what!?” You have to give off the “I’m a cool chick look.” Not like you’re all that though, but you gotta own it.

You’ve been blessed to work with a number of amazing actors. What have you learned from those experiences?

I know. I can’t believe it! Angela Bassett is a really nice woman and really giving. She always told me I was good and to continue to work hard. Every time I see her, she’s so proud of me and compliments me. Working with Ice Cube was so tight. He’s cool and I really like how he does family stuff. My guy friends couldn’t believe I was chillin’ with him. Dudes love Ice Cube.

I’m so grateful.

We're proud of you, too. Is there anything you haven't done? Do you have a dream gig or role?

To be Aaliyah in the Aaliyah story… I would faint! I would die a little bit. I love her so much.


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