Exclusive Interview | Ne-Yo on Fatherhood and The Dream

Exclusive Interview | Ne-Yo on Fatherhood and The Dream

Published July 21, 2010

While Ne-Yo is preparing to release his latest album, “Libra Scale,” he also confirmed to Ebony magazine that he and his girlfriend, Monyetta Shaw, are expecting a child together. It will be the first child for the singer-songwriter. “I’m just in a really good place right now,” he says, as he gets suited for his fourth music project and fatherhood.

Just so everyone is clear…This will be your first child, correct?

Yup. In the past, there was a situation where there was a young lady who had a child that I thought was mine and it turned out not to be mine. I believed I was the father, but later found out I wasn’t. I have my first child on the way and I’m very excited about that.

Are you ready to be a dad?

I’m figuring it out, you know what I mean? I’m a little worried about it, just in that I’ve never really viewed myself as a dad, even then. I don’t know. My mom is in my corner and my mom is the caretaker. Once me and my sister were grown, she would start taking care of other people’s kids. So, any questions that I just can’t answer, I know that she would be able to answer those. Overall, I’m going to be alright.

The-Dream and Christina are new parents and are now divorcing. Do you have any advice for them?

I would say, I mean, this kind of goes without saying, just because the marriage didn’t so much work, that’s not the fault of the child, you know, so don’t make the child suffer for it. The child was brought into the world with a mother and a father. Be a mother to your child, be a father to your child no matter what and don’t use your kid as collateral to get at the other one and all of that silly stuff. But again, I know they’re two smart individuals, and I don’t think that this is anything that they would do anyways, so, hopefully what I’m saying right now goes without saying.

We missed you at the BET Awards. Where were you?

I was still in the process of putting together stuff for this album. A lot of work went into this album. As far as the visuals, I wrote the treatments for all the videos, I wrote the story behind the album, I wrote all the songs, and by the time BET Awards rolled around, I wasn’t done yet.  I needed to make sure that my music was right and ready for this rollout that we’re doing now. So, next year I’ll be there.


Written by Kadidja Hinds


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