Goapele Talks ONEMusicfest and Tress Inspiration | Style

Goapele Talks ONEMusicfest and Tress Inspiration | Style

Published July 30, 2010

On the eve of one of the most highly anticipated concerts of the summer, Atlanta is buzzing with excitement. The ONEMusicfest is a 12 hour interactive music experience featuring national and local artists, capping off the night with headliners Common, Goapele and De La Soul. Oakland born soulstress Goapele believes that the south has a certain charm that immediately envelopes its visitors. “People are just cool. Atlanta has a nice energy. I’ve worked with so many Atlanta artists so it’s always great to be here.”

Fans that are eager to see Goapele perform are equally as intrigued to see her hairstyle of choice. Known for her amazing braided coif, Goapele’s designs reflect some of the most intricate African-inspired styles. She maintains that her tress inspiration is simple: Strength, creativity and freedom. “I got tired of putting all of that stress on my hair with the relaxer, so I went natural. I’ve had locs and I cut those off and I wanted something different. I change it a lot. I wanted something easier, so we do the braids. I let my stylist do her thing. She’s great.”

Though the sight of her eye-catching, afro-centric garb may cause one to believe that Goapele is consumed with “fighting the power” 24-7, she reveals that she enjoys stepping down from her soapbox to sing about love and sensuality. “You can’t always be too social or political on your entire album, because for me, music is an escape. Like, sometimes when I’m watching the news and things get to be too much, I go in to the studio. You have to be able to have a release from the negative things in the world. Talking about love and relationships, or things that aren’t as serious, is necessary from time to time to maintain your sanity.”

Goapele will get a great release tomorrow as she gets the chance to watch one of her favorite groups. “I’m really excited to see De La Soul!”

We are too.

For more info on the ONEMusicfest, please go to www.onemusicfest.com . Go to www.goapele.com for details on Goapele’s new album, Milk & Honey, along with her new song ‘Victory,’ in celebration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Written by <P>By Kimberly Walker</P>


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