Tameka Raymond Opens Estella Home Furniture Boutique | Style

Tameka Raymond Opens Estella Home Furniture Boutique | Style

Published August 12, 2010

The more than 20-minute drive to get to Tameka Raymond’s Estella Home boutique would definitely have any typical Atlanta city dweller wondering exactly what the stylist was thinking when she opened a store so far away from the “center of it all.” But as you enter the quaint, nostalgic scenery of downtown Roswell, Ga., you can’t help but take a deep breath and leave your cares in Buckhead. Raymond, who greeted each guest and hung around the store like it was her own house, wasn’t concerned with blog headlines, perceptions or tweets; it was all about the home goods.

Peace – something it seems has eluded Tameka for the last few years – is one of the first sentiments evoked at the entrance of the renovated house turned home goods boutique. Across the street sits her first Estella boutique, which specializes in clothes for men, women and children. Raymond reveals that a home goods store was the obvious next step.

“It started out with the clothing store because that’s my general background. I’ve been a fashion stylist for the past 560 years,” she jokes. “The natural progression for me was to go into home goods because there’s a very distinct correlation between what you live in and what you wear. I kind of married the two.”

Estella features not only chic furniture finds, but also high-end gems like Voluspa and Nest candles, Pre de Provence soaps, Tasha Hussey antique jewelry designs, and Goddess, a body moisturizing collection by NBA wife Tracy Mourning.

So, why not put this second location in the heart of Atlanta? “I didn’t want to do the main city because I hang out there, drive around there, and deal with the traffic jams and all that. I like the peaceful ‘Mayberry’ feel of the environment here. It’s so hard to find a peaceful place. It reminds me of the Hamptons.”

Acquiring her newest hideaway adds yet another dimension to the hectic life of this mother of five. “I love it…I love it! It’s just busy. It’s a lot to juggle, especially now between two stores. My son just started middle school today. I have sons in preschool and middle school and one that’s about to start college. We have a whole bunch of different vibes going on in my household.”

Whew! We can only imagine.

If you’re in the Atlanta area, check out the Estella boutiques, located at 1159 & 1158 Canton Street in Roswell, Ga.


Written by Kimberly Walker


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