"Jersey Shore" Cast Offers Manly Grooming Tips

"Jersey Shore" Cast Offers Manly Grooming Tips

Published February 19, 2011

Though it was likely unintentional, the most recent episode of Jersey Shore was a foray into the more sensitive nature of masculinity. The Situation's nurturing side compelled him to interrupt Vinnie's makeout session with a DTF girl from the club, all so he could make sure he tried a bite of a freshly made burger; Ronnie not only sent flowers to Sammie (and her sister) but he sobbed loudly in the bathroom at work; and the guy Snookie brought home from the club kept being deterred from smushing because Snookie couldn't remember his name (finally she just made one up, so she and "Bernard" could get to it).

Yet, nothing was as revealing as the grooming session that went on in the barber shop as viewers saw all the hard work it takes to be a Jersey Shorer. Cuts and shape-ups were standard, but the expert way the barber knew how to wax eyebrows was as eye-opening as Situation's insistence that he doesn't look right unless his are groomed just so.

To take it beyond Jersey Shore, it seems fitting to mention George Lopez complimenting Antoine Dodson on his new weave during a talk-show appearance. But that would be a cheap shot that doesn't really get to the fact that more men than reality TV stars and Youtube wonders are amping up the grooming. As hated a word as it may have become, metrosexuality does seem to have made a triumphant return. It’s a boon for the service providers of man waxing, manscaping and other man-fixer-uppers.

But are women really so into it? And can we expect this to spread—are we just one or two fashion seasons away from tight jeans for him?  And if so, does that mean the new Pepsi Max, diet soda geared for him, is about to be a hit?

Written by Ayana Byrd


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