A Bit of Reality We Can All Do Without

A Bit of Reality We Can All Do Without

Published February 14, 2011

Anyone who saw Barbra Streisand perform “Evergreen” on the Grammys last night was probably thinking that the diva who famously said she would never get a nose job doesn’t seem to feel the same way about Botox (it’s fascinating and eerie to watch someone hit dramatic high notes without so much as a facial mini-wrinkle). Still, famous people getting a dermatologist's (or plastic surgeon's) “help” isn’t so newsworthy—so why was it so sad to hear that the Real Housewives of Atlanta have had more than their share? Here’s the tally, as run down on last night’s reunion episode:

Phaedra: zilch

Sheree: nada

Nene: nose job, breast job, and liposuction

Kim: Botox and breasts

Cynthia: breasts and lipo

Kandi: lipo, though she admits she didn’t realize you had to exercise to keep it off, meaning her procedure was all for naught

That’s a lot of artificial enhancements for six women who have not hit 50 years old, and it does not include the fast-shrinking nose of BFF Dwight or all of the weave hair that has been sewn into their heads.

Maybe being shocked is a waste of time, as it seems that plastic surgery—as well as Botox—are now just beauty rites of passage, part of a Mr. Potato Head approach to looking good, where parts are interchangeable as long as you have the health insurance or pocket change to finance them. Just one thing, though: If all we have to do is throw money at our beauty “problems” to feel our best, why didn’t a single Housewife on that stage last night look satisfied and happy?


Image:  Frazer Harrison / Getty Images for IMG

Written by Ayana Byrd


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