Beauty: Get Bright Eyes Like Selita Ebanks

Beauty: Get Bright Eyes Like Selita Ebanks

Published January 5, 2011

Like prom shoes and the dress in the 1980s, today the new focus on eyeshadow and clothing is that they match. Just look at Selita Ebanks, who whipped out the silver shadow to go with her metallic dress on New Year’s Eve.

Rihanna took it a step further, wearing red shadow that matched her hair and striped dress at a party last week. Luckily, companies from Nars, Mac and drugstore buys like Cover Girl have every single shade you could want, meaning you can go bubblegum pink, dusky mauve or emerald green as easily as you can change your shirt.

So your rainbow palette doesn’t wind up making you look like a makeup amateur, keep these few easy tips in mind:

1) The darker the color, the more it will minimize your eyes. So to add color but let your eyes pop, simply swipe a hint of the shadow on lids with your finger.

2) Keep the rest of your makeup light and in neutral tones, from blush to lips.

3) Your lid is a lot of area to cover, meaning you can add shadow from lashline to brow bone or up to the crease—or in a thin line right over the lash line. If you covered your entire lid and realize it’s not the look for you, no need to wipe it all off. Dip a Q-tip in makeup remover and wipe it along the area you want to erase.

4) A coat (or two) of mascara will be a final polish on any look, but make sure to keep it to a dark brown or black. The same goes for liner—a thin line of black or brown on upper or lower lashes will frame eyes.

The most important rule: Once you’ve decorated your eyes in these jewel shades, you have to show them off to more than your co-workers, so get out and have fun!

Written by Ayana Byrd


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