Headwraps: Stylish or Jemima-ish?

Headwraps: Stylish or Jemima-ish?

Published February 3, 2011

It is a fact that Black women have been rocking the headwrap since the beginning of time. In the fashion world, however, it had its moment in the '40s, again in the '70s, and has been popping up regularly over the last few seasons. We can trace the current prominence back to September 2006, when Prada sent turbans and panty-shorts down the catwalk. On the runway it’s all well and good, but off the runway it's a whole other situation. Sometimes it works. However, more often than not, it looks like Aunt Jemima. 

After mulling it over, we’ve come up with a few guidelines to help you stay on the right end of the stylish-to-Jemima-ish headwrap spectrum. So, if you’re leaving the house in a headwrap (and we're not saying that you should), then follow these tips:

1. Create bulk going up, not out. Rethink your look if your head looks fat and round when your headwrap is in place.

2. Show a bit of hair at the front or at the back.

3. Project fabulousness. Do not resort to the headwrap because you are tired or are feeling blah. The right attitude is crucial in pulling off the look.

4. Don’t skip your makeup (unless you always skip makeup). You do not want to look like you are turning in for the night.

5. And, finally, this should go without saying but, just in case: Please, don’t try to do Erykah Badu (you know who you are)—only Erykah can do Erykah, and even she has moved on. 

Image:  Seth Browarnik / StarTraksPhoto

Written by D. Maria Bryan


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