How the “Perfect Woman” Looks Should Surprise You

How the “Perfect Woman” Looks Should Surprise You

Published January 27, 2011

Today, two Beverly Hills plastic surgeons put out a list of the physical characteristics the “perfect woman” would possess, based on what 1200 oftheir patients desire and idealize. The list, called “Hollywood’s Hottest Looks,” features various celebrity parts, with a nose here and a pair of cheekbones there. Yet, out of 24 actresses, just two Black celebrities were deemed “perfect” enough to make the list–and that wasn’t thanks to their brown skin. Instead, Oscar winner and more-beautiful-than-seems-legal Halle Berry was celebrated for her chin (so, too was Jennifer Lopez), and Beyonce got the thumbs up for her cheeks.

Not only were Halle and Beyonce perfect in unexpected ways, but they shared the list with a slew of white women, including Taylor Swift (best hair), Penelope Cruz (for her body) and Amy Adams (skin). No Salma’s law defying body and Mexican features, no Lucy Lui freckles, just two chins and B’s cheeks to represent for the women of color.

In a day when magazines and beauty companies take every opportunity to profess that they embrace all shades of beauty, there’s a lot to be said for such a racially exclusive poll of more than a thousand women. Seems quite a lot of folks forgot Black is (and always will be) beautiful.





Image:   Gregg DeGuire / PictureGroup

Written by Ayana Byrd


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