Method Man Doesn't Want Any Parts of Your Peasy Hair

Method Man Doesn't Want Any Parts of Your Peasy Hair

Published February 3, 2011

When a female journalist interviewed Method Man for a video blog, she wore her hair in an Afro. And she asked the rapper if he liked natural hair. Like an insolent kid with a grin on his face (and the half-closed eyes of someone who had recently made the acquaintance of a blunt), he said, “No, I don’t like peasy afros. Sorry. I don’t like dreds either.” Why, the perky reporter wanted to know. Because Meth, ignorant to the entire natural hair care salon and product industry, said he likes a woman to “get her hair did.”

The lesson this brings up, the one we all should know but often forget: Celebrities are famous for doing whatever it is that they did to get famous, so there’s no good reason we should pay any attention to their opinion on things like what makes a woman look good—unless what they did to get famous was make women look good. Yet Meth, who spent the early part of his career with hair that looked anything but “did,” must have known he was being insulting for pooh-poohing natural hair (and throwing in the schoolyard putdown “peasy” just for good measure). Much like his fellow "Bring the Pain"-er Chris Rock did when he told Oprah she looked like a “slave” in a photo of her as a child with un-permed braids. Yawn, men, yawn. White people and black people have been turning their noses up for what feels like forever at the notion that what black people grow out of our heads can be fine as is, let alone beautiful. But since hating on natural hair has never lost its popularity (hats off to you, white-supremacist brainwashing), can we be surprised that Meth seems to take a boyish pleasure in saying he doesn’t see beauty in a strand of hair that hasn’t been sizzled by a hot comb, defeated by a box of perm or tucked up under a weave?



Written by Ayana Byrd


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