Modeling Isn't Always Pretty

Published February 17, 2011

In that unfortunate land where stereotypes tend to ring true, many little girls have spent at least a few of their afternoons daydreaming of becoming a princess or, when they get a few years older, a model. Few jobs sound as glamorous to a tween mind as being a supermodel. Clothes, cash, travel and undeniable, fawned over beauty. No one considers the cattiness, the eating disorders and what it means to only be adored because of your measurements and how photogenic you are.

To put another lid on the hopes of top model wannabees everywhere came a Huffington Post story today by Paulina Poriskova. The '80s supermodel, who once sat beside Tyra Banks at the judge's table deciding the future of girls who wanted to "smile with their eyes," has nothing good to say about her old profession. First off, she declares being a model a "shitty career." In addition, she refused to hold her tongue because "anyone could buy my body and my face; no one, I was determined, should be able to buy my soul." She also insists that Tyra's claim that great models can be groomed and made is "bullshit." There's a lot more spewing of hatred in her lengthy article, ones that should give any eager 14-year-old reason to pause before getting their headshot taken. Yet what Paulina seems to forget, the reason why Top Model will never be short on contestants, is what little and big girls know: females may have more opportunities now than ever before, but we still live in a world where being beautiful is still unabashedly celebrated over brains. 


Written by Ayana Byrd


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