Poppin' Bottles of...Marijuana Lemonade?

Poppin' Bottles of...Marijuana Lemonade?

Published February 15, 2011

For those who have their medical marijuana card (we see you, Snoop), there's a new option to get your prescription filled. If smoking is not your thing and you've had it with brownies, now you can try a cool beverage to itch your scratch. San Jose's Canna Catering makes a line of drinks with names like Leisurely Lemonade, Compassion-Fruit Punch, and Grape Galaxy. The 12-ounce drink contains about 2-1/2 grams of dry cannabis and sells at medical marijuana pharmacies for $10.

Entrepreneur Clay Butler plans to add another option to the medical marijuana beverage market. Next month Butler is launching "soda pot" in Colorado. It has a third of the marijuana potency of Canna Catering's, but his product is generating more controversy. Critics say the bottle, featuring animated characters, looks like it's being marketed to children. Since only carriers of medical marijuana cards can purchase these drinks, is the backlash necessary or irrelevant? Check out this video from CNN.com and decide for yourself. 

Written by BET-Staff


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