Ne-Yo Can’t Take A Joke

Ne-Yo Can’t Take A Joke

The singer lashes out on Twitter over his hairline.

Published March 29, 2011

Though Ne-Yo’s hairline has been the butt of several media jokes in the past, a tweet recently ruffled the singer’s feathers. Its unknown what the follower tweeted to the Grammy award-winning singer, but Ne-Yo’s response said it all. He first tweeted “Sal-u twit fam. In Korea still. No time for "small talk" when I'm doin' it so big!! LOL Home soon. M. M.&M. Love y'all!!” He quickly added, “Not a problem. Why would I focus on my fleeting hairline when my credit line is SO prominent? LOL!! #richn*ggatweet. Annnnd back to business.”

We can only assume a fan went hard at the new father, who’s known for rocking his signature fedora. Ne-Yo revealed to Entertainment Weekly back in 2006, ''The only thing my father ever gave me was his ridiculous hairline,'' he explained. ''I'm 23 but I have the hairline of a 45-year-old man. Maybe in the near future, I'll let the world see my head so it can be known there's no buckles or latches on it. Until then, I got some insecurity issues to work out.''

Apparently, it’s still a sensitive subject.


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Written by Kimberly Walker


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