Amber Rose is Cheap (in a Good Way!)

Amber Rose is Cheap (in a Good Way!)

The bald-headed beauty loves to shop, but she's not necessarily breaking the bank.

(Photo: Martin Roe/PictureGroup)

Amber Rose exercised her right to be both sexy and controversial when she hit the streets of NYC this week in a revealing dress that showed off her nipple rings. The model and current girlfriend of rapper Wiz Khalifa told that she loves to push the envelope when it comes to style, and she’s not really into labels. “I just like anything that looks dope. It doesn’t have to be a name brand because I’m not a fashion whore like that,” said Rose, who admitted to a healthy shoe addiction. “Seriously, I’ll wear a dress from the thrift store that’s two dollars if it’s dope.”

She also confessed to digging her "boy steez," saying, “When I dress up like a boy where I have my pretty boy swag – basically, if you wear a bright lip, it automatically has the boys looking at you like, ‘Oh, she looks cute with her little boy outfit on’. How does Rose pull off the look? With $1.99 pink gloss from the drugstore that she's been wearing since 7th grade and can't live without. "It’s so generic it has no brand," Rose claims. And though that seems unlikely, her secret is safe.

Written by Kimberly Walker


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