Colorful Clones Flaunt Their Best Nicki

Colorful Clones Flaunt Their Best Nicki

Minaj doubles take over New York City.

Published April 4, 2011

(Photo: Michael Caulfield/Getty Images)

Tons of hopeful barbz flooded Hot 97 & Casio’s recent Nicki Minaj look-alike contest at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. Though the official Harajuku Barbie wasn’t on hand to judge her clones, she would have been proud (and a little embarrassed) at what her fans really think she looks like. Amid a sea of shiny pink wigs and tight pleather spandex pants, one feature was consistent: a thick bang.

Judged by Casio, Hot 97 and DJ Enuff, women galore, some possibly wearing butt pads, strutted their stuff for a fab prize: 10 lucky winners scored tickets to Casio TRYX Out launch party, featuring performances by Nicki Minaj and The Roots. The 10 fans also won a Casio TRYX digital camera and a gift certificate to Best Buy. However, the top Minaj double won some face-to-face time with Nicki backstage as well. The photo and name of the winner has not been released yet, but we're sure she was glossy-lipped, high-heeled and fierce!


Written by Kimberly Walker


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