DeShawn Snow Regains Control of Her Life

DeShawn Snow Regains Control of Her Life

The former reality star sheds pounds and baggage.

Published April 7, 2011

(Photos from left via Viginia Sherwood/Bravo, Dimitry Loiseu/

After a public divorce from NBA baller Eric Snow, former Real Housewives of Atlanta star DeShawn Snow decided to take control of her life and lose the baggage—all 30 pounds of it! Snow recently shared with Us magazine her inspiration to fight back with fitness and healthy living.

“I had no control over anything that was happening in my life,” Snow exclusively told the magazine. “The weight and working out was something I could control.” She credits her personal trainer and close friend, Trey Crump, for giving her the motivation to get through a nasty and bitter breakup. 

DeShawn says that after hearing of her divorce, “He texted me and was like, ‘Meet me at the gym at 6 a.m.’ He didn’t ask me any questions, we just worked out.” DeShawn plans to lose 10 more pounds and continue to work on projects that empower women. “You can't be a victim, you have to be a victor—press through it—and know that success is the best revenge," she says.

You go, girl!

Written by Kittrina Thompson


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