Michelle Williams Takes on Autism

Michelle Williams Takes on Autism

The singer opens her arms and raises her voice in support of those with the disorder.

Published April 12, 2011

When her godson was diagnosed with autism last year, the actress and Grammy Award-winning singer knew she could lend a hand to a great cause. Michelle Williams is now the national spokesperson for the Training, Education & Research Institute (TERI).  

"You can see the fulfilling lifestyles people have with TERI,” the former Destiny’s Child member said about her desire to work with the organization. “Other agencies are seeking a cure, but we're working with people who have the diagnosis and this is their life. We can provide the support that they need."

TERI, founded by Dr. Cheryl Kilmer, is focused on providing a social support center for families and individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Kilmer speaks highly of Williams’ involvement with the nonprofit. “I knew she was going to stay committed to this work,” she said proudly. “She was passionate, sincere and truly demonstrated how much she cared about this cause.”

During a recent visit to a TERI facility, Michelle rode her first horse and sang “Amazing Grace” with center residents.


(Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty Images)

Written by Kittrina Thompson


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