First Lady On What She Really Thinks of the Bidens

First Lady On What She Really Thinks of the Bidens

Michelle Obama has a few stories to tell on The View.

Published April 20, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama recently paid a visit to ABC’s The View to share a few intimate details about her whirlwind of a life in the White House.

Not surprisingly, it’s pretty tough having a great set of girlfriends when your husband is the leader of the free world, but Mrs. Obama has found a BFF in Jill Biden, vice president Joe Biden’s wife. “Jill is cool. It was pretty instant. I mean, the Biden family, they're real people.” Mrs. Obama says she felt an instant connection during the very first election night in Chicago. “…the kids connected and Jill and I just clicked. She's funny. She puts up with my silliness.”

Jill may hold a special place in her heart, but nobody trumps her daughters Malia and Sasha. As many mothers attempt to raise excellent young women, the First Lady simply advises, “I think all you can do is hold them close and support them and be nonjudgmental as my mother was." Mrs. Obama is giving with her time, too. Even after a busy day, she never hesitates to lend an ear to any story or problem. "I came in...we were beat, we did four cities in two days, and Malia's like, 'Ma, I need to talk to you.' And it was 10:30 and we talked. And we talked, and we talked. We talked about makeup, actually."

As Mrs. Obama relishes in the growth of her little ones, Dad is exhibiting the common trait of any loving father: panic. “The first time Malia went out for a party and she was dressed, she had her hair done and she's tall, she had on a pretty dress, you could see him, he was sort of like...gulp. And I was like, 'Easy, dad.'"


Written by Kimberly Walker


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