Serena Williams Explains the Pink Catsuit

Serena Williams Explains the Pink Catsuit

For the tennis star, sexy was the only solution.

Published April 21, 2011

It was the pink bodysuit seen ‘round the world. Serena Williams and all of her curvy glory set the blogosphere ablaze after tweeting a pic in sexy tennis attire. She was simply letting her fans know she is back on the court after recovering from surgery to remove a blood clot from her lungs, but she never expected to make such a big news splash. “Honestly, I just tweeted a picture in the suit and I didn’t realize it would go that crazy,” she told People Tuesday night at the Range Rover Evoque Event in New York City.

Of course, Serena dug the virtual high fives she received on the net, but revealed that the suit has real purpose. “After my hematoma, I have to wear something like a long bodysuit to keep my stomach warm.”

So, will we see the pink wonder suit again? Serena confirmed she’ll wear it “as long as you guys want to see it.”

(Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)

Written by Kimberly Walker


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