Pharrell Williams Promotes a Greener Fashion Line

Pharrell Williams Promotes a Greener Fashion Line

The music and fashion star introduces an eco-friendly product that offers clothing a longer shelf life.

Published April 22, 2011

With over a decade of success in music, super-producer Pharrell Williams knows a thing or two about longevity. Now, the Virginia Beach native, who is part owner of the popular Billionaire Boys Club clothing line, is trying to bring the same prolonged existence to his latest fashion product, Return Textiles.

Williams made an appearance on MSNBC yesterday, April 20, to endorse bionic yarn, a highly durable material made out of recycled plastic bottles. As part owner of Return Textiles, a developer and manufacturer of high-quality, ecologically sustainable yarns and fabrics, Williams and cofounder Tyson Toussant discussed the benefits of sustainable clothing on MSNBC's Morning Joe. “Instead of creating a bigger carbon footprint, you could actually sustain by recycling,” Williams said. “It’s a cool movement. We’re ambitious. We don’t want to be in just fashion as we know it. We want to go into the armed services, the armed forces.” 

Downplaying the idea that he’s becoming a champion of green politics, Williams said that the primary focus is on making quality products and not necessarily the eco-friendly element. Williams told The Associated Press that he “hates to put so much emphasis on the recycling part of it,” because sustainability is simply an “added value” of using bionic yarn in the materials.

(Photo: Sven Hoogerhuis/PictureGroup)

Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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