Tyra and Andre Leon Talley Dish Out Advice

Tyra and Andre Leon Talley Dish Out Advice

See what we learned from these style aficionado’s web series.

Published April 22, 2011

Tyra Banks has a fun feature on her recently launched website TypeF.com with fashion godfather and former Vogue editor-at-large, André Leon Talley.  These two are giving you “Fa-fa-fa-Fashion,” a web series that covers trends and dispenses tips and tricks on how to look your best. Tyra’s already known for classic advice like “smile with your eyes” (or “smize”), and with the help of Tally, it promises to get more over-the-top. Here’s what we learned from the latest installment that was dedicated to stilettos:

Platforms make it more comfortable to step into 5inch heels: “My secret is a platform heel. You know where on the ball of the foot it’s that thick inch or inch and a half extra chunk. The secret to the platform is that however high the platform is underneath the ball of your foot takes away from the height of the heel.”

Scraping up the bottom of your heels with scissors helps make them slip proof: We’re not sure if we’d want to destroy a red bottom this way, but Tyra swears by this tip that she learned from fashion show dressers who scoured the bottom of shoes so that the models wouldn’t slip on the runway.

Keep your legs as straight as possible when walking in heels for a sexier walk: “So many women when they put on a high heel, tend to bend their knees,” Tyra said as Andre chimed in “That’s not sexy at all.” Their fix: Walk like you have a string pulling the top of your head and a string coming from the bottom of your heels to create the straightest leg as possible (Tyra also notes this gives a good booty bounce in the walk).  If you can’t straighten your legs, then they say go down an inch in heel because your heels are probably too high.  

Using hairspray in the inside of your shoes can help give them a better grip: When you don’t have time to get gel inserts, Tyra suggests spraying the inside of your shoe and letting it dry for a second as a quick fix to not slipping and sliding in your heels.

“Fashion is Pain”: Talley leaves us with the reminder that even with the best tips, there's an element of suffering that often comes with looking good. Sigh. 

Next up the duo will tackle the subject of skinny jeans.

Check out the series at TypeF.com.

(Photo:  Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Written by Nakisha Williams


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