Ciara Gets a New BFF on Aussie Vacay

Ciara Gets a New BFF on Aussie Vacay

CiCi takes an unforgettable pic with an exotic friend.

Published April 25, 2011

Ciara had an awesome time on her Australian adventure! She went Down Under to perform at the Supafest urban music festival, and made sure to make the most of her trip when she wasn’t on stage.  Aside from hanging with friends like rapper Snoop Dogg, CiCi visited the Dreamworld theme park where she conquered her fears and posed with her dream pet: a white tiger.

As anyone would be, Ciara was quite nervous to get near the animal, but she shook the jitters and even touched the ferocious feline. “At first I was shaking when I walked into the cage with it, but again my favorite line came to mind: ‘Be fearless and go for it!’” she wrote on her website.

Ciara was even feeling adventurous enough to persuade her security guard to conquer his fear of rollercoasters by getting on The Giant Drop, a ride that drops 38 stories in five seconds. He obliged and she posted the insane photo to prove it.


Written by Kimberly Walker


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