Solange, Selita and Cassie on "Good" Hair

Solange, Selita and Cassie on "Good" Hair

An intimate conversation on what hair means to women today.

Published April 26, 2011

The newest brand ambassadors of Carol’s Daughter, Cassie, Solange and Selita Ebanks, sat down with creator Lisa Price to talk “good hair.” In recent times, many women have used media platforms to discuss how having kinks, curls, waves or straight tresses have impacted their lives.

Singer Cassie, who’s known for her long, dark mane, revealed that though her hair texture is selling like hot cakes at every local beauty supply store, she actually desired hair like her mother’s when she was younger. “From the time I was born till probably about 12 years old, my hair was pin-straight,” Cassie says in the video clip. “And I prayed every night that I had hair like my mom’s,” which was lush and curly. “As soon as I hit puberty, my hair started to curl,” she continued. “Now it’s going back the other way.”

Selita also confessed to having an identity crisis when she was young because her hair was so fine. She couldn’t understand why the other girls, with very thick hair, were able to wrap their manes without the help of pins to hold it in place. “I thought something was wrong with my hair,” she said.

Solange scoffed at the idea that cutting off your locks—as she’s done numerous times before— warrants a medal. “Cutting my hair … it doesn’t even feel brave,” she said. “To me, [it's] just another outlet of expression. It’s funny to see the social response, their interpretations of what a haircut, what a hair change means.”

As previously reported, Carol’s Daughter’s new polyethnic campaign hopes to highlight the beauty of multiracial women all over the world.

(Photo: Brian Dowling/PictureGroup)

Written by Kimberly Walker


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