Tika Sumpter Gets Eco-Friendly

Tika Sumpter Gets Eco-Friendly

"The Game" cutie is all about shower power.

Published April 26, 2011

Not only is actress Tika Sumpter beautiful, she’s also environmentally conscious. The Body Shop recruited The Game star to help them unveil their new eco-conscious range of body wash, named Shower Gels for Earth Lovers.

The new line is comprised of 100 percent biodegradable shower gels and is free of pesky parabens, fragrance, and sulfates, which makes it perfect for those with sensitive skin. The deliciously scented gels contain a blend of herb and fruit extracts, along with Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera from Guatemala.

Sumpter is also urging consumers to join The Body Shop’s water conservation challenge, Can You Shower in Under Three Minutes?  “We know that taking a shower in just three minutes sounds challenging, but our goal in launching this campaign is to start a discussion,” says Shelley Simmons, The Body Shop’s Director of Brand Communications and Values. “Even if three minutes seems unlikely, why not try and reduce your daily shower by three minutes–you can save up to 21 gallons of water per shower! For those who are up to the challenge, one fun approach is to lather, rinse, and repeat to your favorite three-minute tune.”

The shower gels are available in inspiring scents like Pear & Lemongrass, Apricot & Basil, and Melon & Eucalyptus.

(Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Written by Kimberly Walker


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