Disney's "Prom" Stars Share Prom Style Tips

Disney's "Prom" Stars Share Prom Style Tips

DeVaughn Nixon and Kylie Bunbury want students to have a magical evening.

Published April 27, 2011

Disney’s Prom stars DeVaughn Nixon and Kylie Bunbury had a blast at their actual high school's shindigs. In the teenage drama, the two play the school’s most popular couple and reveal that their real-life prom nights were quite similar. Bunbury remembers “wearing an ugly dress, but having a great time,” and Nixon says he “got his Michael Jackson on.” The two worked very hard to have a memorable prom night, and they have a few great tips for the hoard of excited seniors awaiting that special day.


“Playas!” Nixon shouts to young men looking for fine attire. “Go to your dad, because he was probably an old-school pimp, and see if he as a suit that you can get tailored for present day.” If you’re pinching pennies, Nixon suggests that you hit up a tux shop. “You can rent it for the night. Don’t get it all sweaty. Make sure you wash your neck so it’s not dirty on the collar. Scrub your neck. Loofah your neck!”


Bunbury gives a similar plea to young ladies. “Please shave your legs,” she says with a chuckle. “Make sure that your dress fits your body type and the color matches your skin tone. You don’t want to clash with your date. Nixon chimes in as well, saying, “Yes! Find out what your date is wearing so that you can coordinate. These are timeless photos that you’re gonna show your children and your grandchildren. Make sure it’s perfect.”


The topic of hairstyles sparks a rather hilarious response from the young stars. Bunbury leads in with, “Oh, when it comes to hairstyles …” but is cut off by a rather passionate Nixon who advises, “No boo-boo weaves, ladies! Go to the best hairdresser ever.” Bunbury nods in agreement. “Well, yeah, he pretty much said it.”  


Like the film’s premise, no matter which high school archetype you fit into—nerd, cheerleader, outcast or jock—every student gets a chance to shine on prom night. No date? No problem. “If you don’t have a prom date, go anyway,” Bunbury encourages. “Confidence comes from within. Walk into your prom feeling confident and beautiful.”


Prom hits theaters April 29.

(Photo:  Ben Rose/WireImage for Disney)

Written by Kimberly Walker


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