Rihanna Snaps Back at Fan

Rihanna Snaps Back at Fan

Who you calling nappy? See the fan's explanation behind the jab.

Published May 12, 2011

(Photo: RocNation)

Whether good, bad or ugly, people have always had something to say about Rihanna’s hair and the chatter has gotten even more Loud as of late as she’s experimented with screaming shades of red and lace fronts for her current album. Yesterday, a fan particularly struck a nerve with the pop princess when she unveiled the cover for her next single “Man Down” on Twitter.   


“Why does her hair look so nappy? @rihanna #ManDown official single cover revealed,” one of Rihanna’s Twitter followers responded.


“Cuz I'm black b-tch!!!!” Rihanna shot back on her page after seeing the comment. Man down, indeed!


Some of Rihanna's fans accused the commenter posting under the Twitter name, @NinyaBella, of being racist for the initial comment, which prompted the Tweeter (who noted she's Dominican) to elaborate in a blog post she wrote called “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong.” “The first thing I thought was ‘that doesn’t answer my question.’” The fan wrote. “What does being black have anything to do with an ugly weave/wig. As a celebrity she has stylists who takes care of these things especially for an album cover. As a fan I thought it was a poor choice of picture…the texture of her hair looks horrible. It looks like plastic doll hair.”


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Written by Nakisha Williams


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