Jordin Sparks Celebrates Her Weight Loss

Jordin Sparks Celebrates Her Weight Loss

Was an ex-boyfriend the motivation behind the "Idol" star's newly fit physique?

Published May 16, 2011

(Photo: twitpic)

After debuting a bikini-clad Twitpic online, the newly svelte Jordin Sparks is now discussing how she managed to shed more than 30 pounds. Jordin Sparks told Ryan Secrest that she decided to make her health and fitness a priority. “New Years was coming and it was like I’m not going to start my resolution on New Years Day, I’m going to try to start it early and just stick to it,” she explained.

Jordin also revealed that she nearly didn’t post the now infamous polka-dot bikini pic. “There was this little internal war going on…but it was for me personally a huge step cause if you would’ve asked me six months ago if I would’ve posted a picture, I would’ve said no, no, never,” she admits.

Asked whether her recent break-up from ex-boyfriend Steph Jones was a motivating factor, the singer makes light of the situation and tells Secrest, “Well if I had revenge, I hope it worked!”

Jordin is busy promoting her new single, “I Am Women,” which she performed last week on American Idol.

Written by Kittrina Thompson


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