LisaRaye's Guide to "It Girl" Status

LisaRaye's Guide to "It Girl" Status

Why should popular actresses have all the fun?

Published May 17, 2011

With that bangin’ body, sassy ‘tude and youthful face, LisaRaye McCoy qualifies as a Hollywood "It Girl."  The “Single Ladies” actress wants you to enjoy the same level of popularity and attention. Here are her tips to becoming fabulous:


“I believe that an "It Girl" is a go-to girl. A girl that you see and there’s something on her, or something about her that you like, that you aspire to be. You want to take a little imaging from her and make it your own,” LisaRaye tells Style and beauty is key. “Get yourself a signature piece," she says. "You know how they say, ‘The little black dress goes a long way?’ Well, for me it would be a little white dress. Get a signature jacket or even a signature bracelet.”


The starlet, who gives us a peek into her life on TV One's hit reality show The Real McCoy, warns against overly coifed hairstyles and pushes women to try the girl next door look. “Try an easy updo. Something that’s not too fixed. Something that just looks soft and easy. If a hair is out of place, you don’t mind that it’s out of place because you’re still in the easy, breezy zone.”


As for LisaRaye’s "It Girl" idols – she doesn’t have one. “I don’t have any favorites. I tend to go to the beat of my own drum. Universally, we all like to look good, so we take tips from everywhere.”



(Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Written by Kimberly Walker


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