Kardashian Sisters Give Up the Goods

Kardashian Sisters Give Up the Goods

Kim, Khloe and Kourt share their affordable beauty remedies.

Published May 18, 2011

The Kardashian sisters have a vanity full of expensive beauty products, but they still depend on their simple, frugal routines to stay looking youthful. “Once a week I take Vaseline and I put it on my knees, my elbows and my feet and I sleep in it because sometimes I just hate being dry,” Khloe revealed at the John Frieda “Destination: Style” salon. “I put socks on over my feet and I swear it’s like the cheapest thing you can buy and you’re so moisturized.”


Kourtney uses the same trick as superstar Beyoncé. “I started putting Aquaphor all over my face,” she revealed. “It’s so healing, especially if you’re in the sun — I mix it with serum and I just put it all over my face.”


The girls also revealed that one beauty trick is forever branded in their brains, courtesy of mom Kris Jenner. “She always tells us to use a hot washcloth and scrub up your face. She tells us that like every day,” said Kourtney. “She says to get a scalding hot washcloth and put it on your face and it’ll steam your pores and scrub it and everything will come out,” Khloe added.


However, Kim only has her fragrance on the brain. The curvy Kardashian explained the inspiration behind her newest scent, “Gold,” at her Macy’s launch in Aventura Mall, outside Miami. “I wanted something powerful yet not too sweet. I got stressed out while developing the scent because I wanted it to be just perfect.” The delicious fragrance combines top notes of Italian bergamot, grapefruit with a spicy splash of pink peppercorn, plus a floral heart of jasmine, rose and amber. Kim says she had sensual, summer beach nights in mind when she created the scent. “The fragrance makes me feel sexy,” she says, “I spray myself before I go out.”



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Written by Kimberly Walker


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