Fergie Lightens Up for Summer

Fergie Lightens Up for Summer

'Tis the season to go blonde.

Published June 1, 2011

(Photo:  Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Blonde is definitely one of the top shades for summer tresses. Beyoncé and Keri Hilson both favor their honey hues over their formerly dark manes. Black Eyed Peas front woman Fergie is the latest starlet to let go of her brunette ‘do.  She popped up at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards with a lighter look.

“I wanted something fresh for summer,” she explained to People at last week’s FiFi fragrance awards. The singer even admits “I could go even more,” teasing that she could be a bleached blonde soon.

If you’re thinking, “Hasn’t she always been a blonde?” you wouldn’t exactly be wrong. However, Fergie has typically had blonde highlights intermingled into her sandy brown hair, but she’s now taken the full dive. “I feel very spring right now. It’s a sunny day in New York. I feel very happy.”

Written by Kimberly Walker


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