Wiz Khalifa Profiled During Barneys Shopping Trip

Wiz Khalifa Profiled During Barneys Shopping Trip

Although the rapper shelled out $16K at the swanky department store, onlookers say staff treated him like a thief.

Published June 13, 2011

Wiz Khalifa and his girlfriend Amber Rose didn’t quite get the star treatment during a recent trip to Barneys department store in Beverly Hills. Although the rapper dropped five figures during their shopping spree, the staff reportedly treated him like he was trying to use a “five finger discount.”


According to Radar Online, the couple visited the store with both of their families and Wiz spent $16K on women’s shoes for Amber and the rest of the crew before heading upstairs to the men’s department to shop for himself…only to be denied access to the shopping section.


A fellow patron who saw the incident said, “After his spending spree on the shoes, Wiz went up to the ultra expensive men’s department floor, but instead of rolling out the red carpet for him they refused to help the poor guy! Not only did they fail to recognize him, they actually thought that he was a thief and treated him like one!”


The onlooker said the staff changed their tune slightly when they got wind of who the rapper was: “It was only when somebody pointed out to them who the guy actually was that they back-tracked somewhat.”


After the diss, Wiz is said to have rejoined Amber and crew, and they quickly left the store (though no word on whether or not they returned those shoes). 

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Written by BET-Staff


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