Fergie’s All ‘Fetish’ Inside Allure

Fergie’s All ‘Fetish’ Inside Allure

The Bombshell is Naughty and Nice

Published June 17, 2011

“The cover of Allure is very beauty -- soft and pretty -- but on the inside you get a different side of me which I love to do,” said Fergie about her third appearance on the magazine. “It is a very hard look. I have to role play a little bit.” No doubt that her hubby, Josh Duhamel, is smiling. These pics, shot at Milk studios in Los Angeles, could burn the pages. “...a lot of it, because it was fetish themed, I think that I would wear in the privacy of my own home with my man. Like the see through shirt and Louis Vuitton belt to cinch the waist. And the hat, I love.”

Allure reports that the Black Eyed Pea works hard for that killer bod."I do cardio and resistance training. I'm getting more into jump rope now." These workouts usually require two sports bras and a lot of Tiger Balm. "For your shoulders, if you have breasts. There's a lot of...waving." And of course she watches what she eats.

Rumors swirled recently, after her appearance on American Idol, about having work done. "I did two major drastic things, which are hair to the side and the big neon lip," she says. "People were saying 'It's a fake Fergie.' I heard about some ridiculous amount of money that I spent on my face, which I think is absolutely insane." Hate on haters because Fergie is killing it thanks to her gene pool. She extinguishes rumors of breast implants and simply says, “Oh, people have wondered everything about me. I just tell them to go look at my mother and sister." Two Fergie look alikes? Imagine that.

(Photo: Allure Magazine June 2011)

Written by Bryna Jean-Marie


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