Laila Ali's Secrets to Healthy Post-Preggers Weight Loss

Laila Ali's Secrets to Healthy Post-Preggers Weight Loss

The former boxer has lost 25 lbs only two months after giving birth.

Published June 21, 2011

Former professional boxer Laila Ali just gave birth to her second child, daughter Sydney, and she’s already halfway back to her pre-baby bod. The beauty revealed her intense regimen to at a recent event.

"We all want to (get straight back in shape), but you know, it’s a lot of work. I’m nursing so I have to take it slow. But I gained about 45 pounds. I have 20 more to lose," Ali said. “I know how to put in the work and eat right being an athlete but I have to have a certain amount of calories, you know, for the baby."

Ali says she refuses to starve herself for quicker results. Instead, she’s considering the healthiest options to change her body. She knows that she must eat a certain amount to be able to continue nursing. "Right now I’m trying to find out like what’s the least amount I can have and still feed the baby and still lose weight. So I’m trying to lose four pounds a week."

"What I’m doing is just eating right. I’m cutting out sugar basically, eating a lot of vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, salads and trying to work out...," Ali says, detailing her diet. She also does a combination of spinning, running on the treadmill and strength training five days a week.

Wanna join her? "I’m doing a public challenge on my Facebook page for anybody. I said I have 25 pounds of baby weight to lose. Who wants to lose weight with me? So I have like 300 people and we’re all, you know, encouraging each other."

(Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images)

Written by Kimberly Walker


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