Beyoncé Counts Down to 4

Beyoncé Counts Down to 4

We’re just days away from the official release of Bey’s new album, and she’s working overtime to secure her takeover.

Published June 22, 2011

It’s go time! Beyoncé’s pulling out all the stops as she nears the release date for her new album, 4.

While King B’s in France this week getting ready to grace the stage for three consecutive performances, her face continues to get splashed all over the international newsstands.

She’s featured in the July issue of the Australian edition of Cleo magazine in her unofficial go-to uniform of a blazer and onesie (this time a taupe bandage variation). Meanwhile Time magazine captured Beyoncé in a breathtaking sepia headshot, complete with a bountiful halo of curls.

True stans who still haven't gotten enough of Bey after all her recent magazine covers and fashion spreads can head over to her official site for even more promo pictures. Every day leading up to the June 28 release of her album the diva will premiere a new song with her musings on the music as well as new album art.

(Photos: Cleo Magazine; Time Magazine)

Written by Nakisha Williams


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