Inspired By Amber: How to Healthily Maintain Your Curves

Inspired By Amber: How to Healthily Maintain Your Curves

Work your hips and these three tips for staying thick and lean.

Published June 23, 2011


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Amber Rose showed off her amazing curves recently while shooting scenes for her upcoming reality show. The model, a self-professed workout enthusiast, has managed to successfully maintain her curves while staying healthy. If you’re a voluptuous woman looking to keep your sexy silhouette, check out these exercise tips from celebrity trainers Jeanette Jenkins and Rahman “Ray” Grayson.

First Things First: Make sure to include the three gems of exercise into your regimen.

Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins reveals what's important. "There are three things that you must absolutely have in your regimen; cardio, resistance training and flexibility work. Cardio helps you burn calories and strengthen your heart. Weight training maintains strong bones and strong joints. Flexibility keeps the integrity of the muscle, along with your range of motion, especially in the spine and hips,” she tells

Maintaining Curves: Think in terms of reshaping your body, not losing your body.

"Your curves are probably additional fat in some of the right areas. If you want to lose belly fat, you have to shed fat from your entire body, which may mean losing some of your bodacious booty. But, through weight training and a diet of good, whole, nutritious foods, you can add lean muscle mass and shed fat at the same time,” celebrity trainer Rahman “Ray” Grayson tells “ This will allow you to work on areas like your glutes (butt), quads/hamstrings (legs), pecs and rear delts to help shape your body. If you tone and lift that area (butt), you may love it just as much as the jiggle you enjoy now. You’ll also have a flat stomach to boot!”

Written by Kimberly Walker


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