Exclusive: The Secrets to Getting Free's "Assets"

Exclusive: The Secrets to Getting Free's "Assets"

The star's curves recently sent Twitter in to a frenzy! Meet the fitness guru who's responsible.

Published June 29, 2011

Immediately following the 2011 BET Awards, TV personality Free became a worldwide Twitter topic due to her amazing “assets.” Dressed in a fitted silver and sequin cocktail dress that gave viewers an eyeful of her lovely lady lumps, the former 106 & Park host made such an impression, she garnered comments from both men and women!

Robert Brace, veteran fitness guru and creator of the NYlean25 workout system, is responsible for helping Free sculpt her body upon re-entering the world of TV and film. “When she came to me she said, ‘Look, I want to get in shape and I want to feel healthy.’ She wanted to tone and lose a little bit of weight. She was very well aware of what her “assets” were and she didn’t want to lose those curves,” Brace reveals to BET.com.

The main question on our minds was how can we all achieve a bodacious butt like Free’s? Brace put the star on a high-intensity interval training workout plan with a lot of muscle building. “In our private sessions, especially for the glutes area, we had to make sure she was lifting enough weight to maintain her muscle mass, so she wouldn’t lose her derriere. She does squats with a small bounce at the bottom and I would give her heavier weights that would put more pressure on the glutes, and she would need to use weights that would get her tired after 8-10 reps. That’s what’s going to keep the muscle mass, the size and the shape.”

Don’t think you can just do these specially targeted exercises for the glute area, because Brace warns “that’s not enough.” You must have a total fitness body plan. Brace says the key to maintaining great curves is to stay toned. With Free, he “kept the interval training high so that she dropped the body fat and looked tighter.”

Free’s diet consists of high protein lean meats like chicken and fish, along with fresh veggies and low healthy carbs like steel cut oatmeal and baked sweet potatoes. “Everything she ate was real food. She wasn’t starving herself,” Brace reassures fans.

So, does Brace take credit for Free’s coveted jiggle?  “Yeah, definitely,” he says with a chuckle, before adding that Free thinks the attention is rather humorous. “She’s so comfortable in her body. People commented about it all of the time and she was very lighthearted about it. More than anything, she’s definitely very confident about her body and what God has blessed her with.”

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Written by Kimberly Walker


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