Lala Gives Us Her Top 3 Purse Essentials

Lala Gives Us Her Top 3 Purse Essentials

The starlet shares the beauty goods she can't leave home without.

Published July 1, 2011

More than ever, Lala Vazquez is on the go. Whether she’s working that sparkling personality on TV, sitting front row at a Knicks game or kicking it with her crew of fellow stylistas, she’s definitely mastered the art of staying glam. In the comfort of her home, however, she doesn’t even want to see a sequin, mascara wand or high heel. “When I’m home, I kind of like to keep it bare—no makeup, real hair, just up in a ponytail. It’s always fun to get dressed up. [But] when you do it so much, and when you have a chance to sit at home in a sweat suit and not even care what anyone thinks, you definitely take advantage of that.”

Since the “First Lady of NY” spends more time traveling than lounging, we were dying to know what top three beauty goods she keeps in her designer handbags of choice. “I keep Neutrogena All-In-One Makeup Wipes because I can use them for everything. You can freshen up your face or fix your makeup.”

Lala also carries one little magical lip wonder that practically every Black woman has held near and dear since junior high. “I always carry Carmex lipgloss no matter what, because I hate chapped lips. My son and I always have it on us.”

To accentuate her beautiful eyes, she also carries a black eyeliner pencil at all times. “I think even when you’re dressed down and you just put on some black eyeliner, you can give your face something without overdoing it. Oh, and you’ll also find baby wipes in my purse.”

Along with a few tools to quickly beat your face, Lala thinks there is one thing you should always be stocked up on: humility. “You should always keep a grounded attitude. Anyone who knows me would say that I am the same person now that I was 10 years ago. I treat everybody the same no matter who they are, and that’s something I stuck by my entire life and it's worked for me so far.”


Written by Kimberly Walker, with additional reporting by Raven Carter


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