Raven-Symone Shares a Beauty Secret

Raven-Symone Shares a Beauty Secret

How to Hide ‘Strawberry’ Legs

Published July 7, 2011


(Photo: Evan Agostini/PictureGroup)

There are two things that fans can always count on from Raven-Symone, humor and confidence. Even when she was 30 pounds heavier, the super star loved herself and it showed. Besides enjoying her new physique, she’s also sharing a beauty tip. She told the audience and the hosts of 'The Talk' that she has what's called ‘strawberry legs.’ Need to cover yours up? Here’s a quick trick.

“I have really dark pores because of the hair [on my legs] so I wear the sheer hose when I’m on the red carpet or when I’m working so I don’t have to wear make up,” she said on the ‘The Talk.’ “Otherwise I use Dermablend which is [the make up] exotic dancers use to cover up all of their marks, and it gets over all of your clothes. So I wear the pantyhose but I don’t wear sheer I wear a shade darker. And if you need a shade darker, my mom used to do this to mine when I was younger, you put them in a tub of hot water with tea bags and it dyes them.”

One of the hosts immediately said, “That’s too much work Raven.” Her reply? “It’s fun! Do it while you have a pot roast on or something.” Clearly the star of ‘State of Georgia’ isn’t dying hose or baking pot roasts. But it is a great tip to keep in mind.

Written by Bryna Jean-Marie


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