Steal Bridal Tips From Bey's "Best Thing I Never Had"

Steal Bridal Tips From Bey's "Best Thing I Never Had"

Get Bey's look, dress and new attitude.

Published July 11, 2011

Beyoncé’s “Best Thing I Never Had” video hit the net to rave reviews. With her charming aesthetic, the singer proved that the best revenge against a horrible ex is simply happiness. “Thank God I dodged a bullet,” Beyoncé sings while gazing at a flower and the pristine scenery around her.

Along with the vid’s prevailing message of “let go of that loser and let real love find you,” young brides can take a few more tips from the star. The clip opens with Bey wearing a fancy lingerie corset that highlights her curves in a way that really does scream to her ex, “It sucks to be you right now.” Brides-in-planning should head to their local store and find a similar piece to reveal on their wedding nights.

Beyoncé’s initial hairstyle of two buns – a la Princess Leia – soon transforms into a simpler single bun at the nape of her neck. Buns are an elegant and lovely choice for any ceremony. Her pulled back tresses help to highlight her gorgeous, flawless face. Take note of Bey’s masterful makeup, as it perfectly models what every bride should look like: natural. Bridal makeup, which should typically be free of trends, should only enhance a woman’s God-given features in a delicate way. Use hues that mirror your skin tone and stick to neutral, complementing tones in peach, gold, bronze and brown.

The real showstopper is Bey’s devastatingly gorgeous gown by Baracci Beverly Hills. The bejeweled bodice is enough to make any man say I do. Brides opting for drama and fanfare should look for a dress that dives right into the spotlight. Playing off of most modern weddings, Bey slipped into a second, much softer Vera Wang gown for her faux reception. She also took her tresses down for the party. If you can manage a second look, go for it!

Perhaps the best tip we can all take from the 4 singer is that broken hearts mend and fairytales do come true.



(Photo: Columbia Records)

Written by Kimberly Walker


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