Lil’ Kim Poses as Black Barbie

Lil’ Kim Poses as Black Barbie

Shots fired or just an innocent shoot?

Published July 12, 2011

(Photo: Michael Antonio)

Looks like the Queen Bee’s still trying to come back for her throne.


Yesterday (July 11) ‘Lil Kim turned 37 and gifted her fans with the news during a birthday chat with The Lil’ Kim Fan Club Show and said that she’ll be releasing a new single, “Looks Like Money.” The song was reportedly produced by Rockwilder (“Lady Marmalade”) and is set to appear on a new album, her first LP in six years following her Black Friday mixtape.


In addition to the announcement, a well-timed photo of Kim posed up as “Black Barbie” also hit the web and we had to do a double take because the blond wig, pink lips and plastic blank stare looks an awful lot like another femcee we know. Perhaps Kim’s still trying remind us that she was rapping about being a “Black Barbie dressed in Bulgari” well before Nicki Minaj ever spit her first bar on a mixtape (insert homage).


In any case, with this new photo shot by Michael Antonio, it looks like Kim’s snatching wigs and trying to reclaim a part of her old image. Only time will tell if she’ll actually return to her ‘90s sound that really started our Crush.

Written by Nakisha Williams


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