Take a Closer Look at Beyonce's Go-To Designer

Take a Closer Look at Beyonce's Go-To Designer

Alexandre Vauthier is taking the star's style to the next level.

Published July 20, 2011

(Photo: Columbia Records)

If it seems like Beyoncé’s new style is virtually untouchable, it’s because the singer went through great strides to find new, relatively unknown designers to fashionably complement her signature sound and energy. 4’s glossy cover features Bey wearing a fur by French designer Alexandre Vauthier, a visionary whose label is just two years old.


Formerly a part of Thierry Mugler's crew, Vauthier went on to serve as an assistant to Jean Paul Gaultier. The New York Times recently did a style dissection of Bey’s luxe looks in which Vauthier remarked, "I dress women who have something to say."


Most recently, Beyoncé swarmed the Glastonbury Festival stage in a gold Vauthier mini-dress and a wide belt. The simple yet showy look was the only embellishment needed in a performance full of thrills.


We can definitely expect to see more from this collaboration.  

Written by Kimberly Walker


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