Exclusive: Tyra's Top Hair and Beauty Tips

Exclusive: Tyra's Top Hair and Beauty Tips

The mogul gives BET her coveted beauty advice.

Published July 21, 2011

(Photo:  Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Given the fact that Tyra Banks has to look good 24/7, she’s perfected the art of staying fly in some tricky situations. We recently hooked up with the model mogul to pick her brain on a few of her best tips.

A concern for many women right now is how to properly apply and maintain your makeup during this heat wave! Tyra breaks it down, saying, “If you do wear foundation on your face, powder it very, very well. Then, before you leave the house, take a washcloth, wet it, ring it out real hard, and push that washcloth all around your face. It kind of absorbs all of the excess powder and it also sets your face really well.” She also advises women not to re-apply powder to combat sweat.

“Throughout the day, don’t keep putting powder on top of a greasy face. First, take a tissue and dab it all over your face, then powder your face.”

Easy, huh? Tyra’s tip to overcoming a bad hair day is an old trick that Black women have been using for ages. “[On] a bad, bad hair day, I slick my hair back. I put water on it first. Then a little oil, a little grease, a little Vitapointe Crème Daily Hairdress. Then, I pull it into a twist, and twirl it around with a million bobby pins. I slick my little baby hairs around my edges with some brown or clear gel, and I tie a scarf around it,” she explains. “Then, I get in the shower, put my make-up on, get dressed, and right when I’m about to walk out of the door, I pull it off."

Slicked edges and sweat-proof makeup are no feat for the professional, but what about looking good in a group picture? Tyra says you shouldn’t just squeeze in to accommodate the photo, but also remember to poke out your best assets. “You have to hurdle, and stick it out. It’s not just about fitting, but you have to stick it out, and that’s one of the best tips that I can give.”

Tyra’s currently gearing up to release her first fiction novel, "Modelland," a fun, lighthearted story that combines modeling and magical powers. She’s also busy building her fashion and beauty website, Type F.com, a site that offers customized style advice.

Written by Kimberly Walker, with additional reporting by Ashley Patrick


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