Rosario Dawson Gets on Track for Shape

Rosario Dawson Gets on Track for Shape

The actress is dodging life’s curveballs and staying centered.

Published July 21, 2011

(Photo: Shape, August 2011)

Actress Rosario Dawson models her fit frame in a white two-piece on the cover of Shape magazine. After the recent passing of her grandmother, The Zookeeper actress shares how she dealt with heartbreak and stress through exercise and good food.  

Crediting her mother for her good eating habits, the 32-year-old actress tells the magazine, “My mom was practicing vegan and raw diets years ago, so I understood healthy eating at a young age.” However, a limited diet as a youngster didn’t put a damper on her treating herself to what she enjoys today. 'Whether I crave fresh vegetables or foie gras, nothing makes me feel better than having something I really enjoy,” which includes satisfying her sweet tooth. “The stress you put yourself through for having a treat is probably a thousand times worse for you than the sugar you just had.”

Rosario also indulges in exercise to deal with the hard times, another practice she praises for feeling so fabulous. “It’s meditative and calming to get your body in motion,” she stresses. “But getting back in the saddle can be the hardest thing.” Her go-to solution: Pilates. The star has named the popular work-out technique as her new obsession. “I don’t love working out, but I can honestly say I miss Pilates and how it makes my body feel."

Written by Kittrina Thompson


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