Rosario Dawson Warns Against Pressures to Be Skinny

Rosario Dawson Warns Against Pressures to Be Skinny

The actress tells "Shape" why certain views are harmful.

Published July 26, 2011

Be prepared to burst into applause. We already showed off Rosario Dawson’s Shape cover, but the actress isn’t bragging about her spectacularly toned bod on the pages of the magazine. In fact, aside from sharing thoughts on mental and physical growth, she’s speaking out against societal pressures to be thin.

"I remember everyone asking when I was doing press for the movie, 'What did you do to look so thin? You looked great' and I'm like, 'I looked emaciated,'" Dawson told Shape.

Dawson goes on to say that the absurd physical expectations and standards of beauty are downright harmful.

"It's a form of violence, in the way that we look at women and how we expect them to look and be–for what sake?" Dawson asked. "Not health, not survival, not enjoyment of life but just so you could look pretty. I'm constantly telling girls all the time, 'Everything's airbrushed, everything's retouched. None of us look like that.'"


Written by Kimberly Walker


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